You were lied to again.

Oops, looks like the science has changed.

Remember a few years ago when they told everyone to wear masks and lock themselves inside? Not only that, but do you also remember how they put up hand sanitizers everywhere?

It seemed like every store you went to there was a bottle of hand sanitizer at the entrance with signs telling you to sanitize your hands.

In fact, I still see them everywhere. Almost every store I go to there is a bottle of hand sanitizer, but I rarely see anyone use them anymore.

Now it turns out that they probably never helped with protecting against covid after all. Norwegian state media even wrote about this.

They say that there is little that shows that the use of hand sanitizer has contributed to help us avoid getting sick from covid. Because the virus infects in other ways.

Because covid doesn't spread very effectively on surfaces, using hand sanitizer doesn't do much at all. Instead covid is spread mainly in droplets through the air, where hand sanitizer obviously doesn't help.