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some things i learned

a gato reflects upon the nature of government and governors

politicians are terrible at science, economics, and finance. most of them are terrible at most things apart from getting elected.

having spoken to, advised, and interacted with dozens upon dozens of them across covid (having really been blessedly free from exposure to this ecosystem previously) i have just been astonished at how much they presume to dictate about given how little they understand.

it’s children juggling nitroglycerine because they assume no one would have handed it to them if it were dangerous and that “someone must know what’s going on.”

but no one does.

certainly the “experts” don’t. they are making stuff up, getting it wrong, and flogging long dead hobbyhorses as they drag us ever deeper into ditches.

and this becomes a severe problem when the technocratic tail starts wagging the governmental dog.

and make no mistake: they do.

what do you think just happened? politicians saw a crisis and had no idea what to do about it. they knew nothing about pandemics. they have no one on their staff who did. they relied entirely on “experts” at CDC, FDA, NIH and we all saw how that plan worked out.

and it will happen again. it’s already happening again. the green grift is just a smarter version of covid with greater reach.

the greatest enemy of we the people is not left or right. it’s bureaucracy and technocracy. it’s the belief in experts, in accumulated institutional competence, fair play, and honest attempts at getting it right that have left us easy marks for carnival barkers and charlatans.

and they are fooling the politicians just as they fool us, probably more.

and this makes the politicians all the more dangerous to us: because they have no idea if they are telling the truth.


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