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Is It or Isn't It? Lab Leak or Giant Fraud?

DRASTIC Founder Renounces Lab Leak Theory of COVID’s Origins

The testimony of DRASTIC founder J.J. Couey provides powerful firsthand insight into the perpetuation of the lab leak theory as a controlled opposition narrative.

As this substack has previously established most incontrovertibly, there was never any pandemic in 2020 as per government data for that year; for example, the global death rate for 2020 was 0.76% which was identical to the two previous years, and the WEF “penetrated” nation of Canada published year over year mortality increase in 2020 at 0.04% which also happened to be identical to the two previous years. (Canada no longer shares this data for obvious DEATHVAX™ coverup reasons.) The only “pandemic” was the illusion of PSYOP-19 and the iatrogenic democide policies of all the governments and corporations colluding with their One World Government entities like the UN, WEF, CFR, IMF, WHO, CDC, CIA, Rockefeller and Gates Foundations, et al.

The “pandemic” was always the justification for junk science mass induced fear control in MK Ultra masking, lockdowns, and ultimately depopulation in the form of the slow kill bioweapon injections.

The below article is a fascinatingly plausible take on the specious head fake of the lab leak theory off of the egregiously specious wet market origins story in what amounts to a good cop/bad cop State supplied Hegelian dialectic either/or binary trap narrative.

by Michael P Senger

A bombshell has emerged in the debate on the origins of COVID, with J.J. Couey, one of the original founders of DRASTIC—a grassroots group assembled to investigate SARS-CoV-2’s origins—renouncing the lab leak theory, saying he now believes the lab leak theory represents a kind of controlled opposition or “double bluff” in order to perpetuate the pandemic state of emergency.

To date, DRASTIC members have generally held steadfast to the line that COVID must have arisen due to a lab leak. Perhaps for this reason, DRASTIC’s work has been endorsed by some of the world’s most prestigious media outlets, including the Economist, the New Yorker, the Atlantic, the Intercept, Vanity Fair, and Newsweek.

These endorsements lend Mr. Couey considerable high-level authority as to the origins of the virus. For him to renounce the lab leak theory as controlled opposition thus marks a monumental shift in the debate surrounding the origins of COVID.

In his podcast series, Couey tells of how he became convinced that the lab leak theory had to be true in early 2020 because the idea was initially censored, which he now refers to as being “Scooby Doo’d.”

And this was me, remember I was saying there was a lab leak and what do these guys say, what is the general story that you can serially passage it in animals or serially passage it in some cell culture and that can result in some change that results in a pandemic. This I believe is false. I believe I was one of many people who was misled, there’s my picture as Sherlock Holmes, thinking I’d solved this mystery of where the virus came from. And I think what happened is I was Scooby Doo’d. They essentially made us believe that by censoring the lab leak it had to be true, because the emails say that Fauci was covering it up, the furin cleavage site says that it must be a lab leak. There’s even evidence of restriction enzyme sites that I did a story on for CHZ before I really realized what I think happened to me and a lot of us is we were tricked into believing something that’s not biologically true…
I started the same way a lot of us did, very early on in February 2020: It’s gotta be a lab virus! It’s gotta be a lab virus otherwise it wouldn’t go around the world, it’s gotta be a lab virus otherwise they wouldn’t cover it up, it’s gotta be a lab virus otherwise why would they fire me? And a lot of people were played like this, maybe entire newscasts, maybe entire networks, maybe entire vaccine committees, maybe entire CDC committees, maybe entire White House staffs.

Couey now believes the illusion of a coronavirus pandemic has been spun almost entirely through the recoding of ordinary all-cause mortality as “COVID deaths” through manipulative death coding and the widespread abuse of faulty PCR tests that would register positive due to the presence of just about any coronavirus; essentially, the entire response to COVID has been one giant fraud.


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