"VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST" was a Psyop - and a Nice Try!

Set your coffee aside right now! You will be laughing

Igor Chudov

Remember how very many substacks were beset with numerous comments claiming that VIRUSES DO NOT EXIST?

A lot of substackers, myself included, responded to these claims. I even started a DEBATE that received 1,663 replies and was very lively.


Very many other substackers provided interesting, informative, insightful, at times, emotional writeups on this topic. This includes A Midwestern Doctor, Steve Kirsch, Stephanie Brail, James Lyons-Weiler, Meryl Nass, Amy Sukwan, and more. (Please let me know who else posted on this topic prior to today, whose post garnered at least 20 comments, and I will add it to my list).

To some people, the insistence that viruses do not exist seemed odd as the no-virus theory contradicts almost every person’s life experience of getting infected with viruses (such as chickenpox) and acquiring immunity. As a tolerant person, I have no problem with people believing in whatever they want, so the debate I started was an opportunity to learn from each other.