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Post FTX's Collapse: Crypto Billionaires are Now Mysteriously Dying Around the World

"Four crypto oligarchs have died in recent weeks, some of them under mysterious or odd circumstances."

Kyle Becker

Sam Bankman-Fried first captured headlines in the wake of crypto platform FTX's spectacular fall from grace just two days after the national election.

Bankman-Fried, an enigmatic wunderkind deeply implicated in a multi-billion dollar scam run by his uber-connected girlfriend Caroline Ellison at hedge fund Alameda Research, just so happens to have been the number two donor to the Biden campaign during his successful 2020 election bid. The FTX CEO stood to become the biggest donor to the Democratic Party in 2024 by planning to blow at least a billion dollars on their election.

It appears to have earned SBF some political capital in D.C.: Maxine Waters has conveniently declined to subpoena fallen crypto king Sam Bankman-Fried before Congress. The absence of criminal prosecution of SBF has been accompanied by a lack of political accountability, as well as a surreal media rehabilitation tour.

But as the U.S. Congress, and indeed, the whole world, deliberates about what to do about the financial earthquake ensuing from the ominously timed FTX collapse, there have been quieter tremors around the crypto world.

Four crypto oligarchs have died in recent weeks, some of them under mysterious or odd circumstances. Three of these crypto wizards were "billionaires," at least on digital paper. One of them was a multi-millionaire that was considered the 'biggest crypto scammer in Spain.'

The deadly fate of Nikolai Mushegian has been the most striking tale to capture the public's imagination. A crypto entrepreneur with a penchant for paranoia, the twenty-nine year old washed up on a beach in Puerto Rico. He was discovered by a surfer at Ashford Beach on October 29, fully clothed and still carrying his wallet.


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