The Unforgiven

They all have it coming.

Good Citizen

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If any Good Citizens reading this attend Brown University, definitely don’t share this with your .edu listserve. And you should probably reconsider offering a dime to that institution.

Historians still get the details of the Spanish Flu pandemic completely wrong. They lie about Polio and its “vaccine”. The details of the cause of every war for the past century are fabrications. Every major society-altering event of this century is part fable, part government cover-up.

If you still believe conspiracy theories aren’t all rooted in facts or actual conspiracies you might as well believe in the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny and consider your own future in those Hobbesian terms ‘poor, nasty, brutish, and short.’

At present, those who control all information are rewriting history while erasing the Internet. They’ll stop at nothing to keep their false narratives on the tongue of every person to try and cover their crimes.

Now they’ve unleashed their credentialed liberal midwits to do damage control and call for a “truce”, on terms they’re fabricating, based on the past two years of abuse, neglect, harassment, discrimination, and a constant assault on human bodies that they want washed from peoples memories.

Sometimes words around here are repeated like a broken record, if only because they can never be repeated enough: The worst people in the west are in positions of power everywhere you look.

From corrupted and fully captured bureaucratic agencies to seats of government to the corporate offices of Plandemic regime communications and stenography to the embarrassingly inept taxpayer-funded ivory towers.

Lacking self-awareness, societal awareness, historical literacy, scientific literacy, and humility are just a few of the prerequisites for consideration to ascending the midwit ranks of the glorified managerial classes who view themselves as the most deserving and capable of managing (and destroying) other people’s lives.

These are our self-appointed “expert” classes. Formulated and fashioned through ivory tower daycare centers for our new dark ages as The Great Pretenders of the twenty-first century. There’s nothing they won’t do for a salary, the promise of a pension, and the warm fuzzy feeling of belonging to a cult of ignoramuses.

Ivy League appointed “Economist” Emily Oster who is teaching a course on “COVID” at Brown University this semester has called for a Pandemic Amnesty. Her poor students are paying a small fortune to sit and listen to someone who until a few months ago was playing the performative games of medical theatre and still works full-time running interference for the social engineers overseeing this assault on humanity.

By now you’ve probably seen her piece in the regime-controlled publication for gullible state-adoring midwits — The Atlantic. It’s a piece that not even the Babylon Bee or The Onion pre-2012 could get away with publishing.