The Truth Project: NZ Doctors & Health Care Workers Speak Out

The NZDSOS Truth Project is an opportunity for health care workers and others to disclose what they are seeing since the rollout of the injections.

We may all have seen the pathetic list of excuses for SADS in the legacy media, designed to keep us in the dark about the jabs – toxic gardening soil, breathing too much, cold weather, global warming, exercise, being young, skipping breakfast, housework, not being a monkey etc. It would be funny if this wasn’t so brutally tragic, with the whole thing seemingly pre-planned, and on-the-hoof pivoting. by media to buttress the narrative as it falls apart.

We’ve posted extensively on all the above, and now it’s your turn. What we’ve lacked so far is widespread confirmation from hospital staff and managers. We’ve had a trickle of people telling us about the climate of fear and intimidation used to hide problems with the Pfizer, so now we want you traumatised-but-brave health workers to document formally what you have witnessed. If people feel they might be prepared to make a sworn statement for the inevitable future court cases, please indicate at the time of sending your story.

Brave Ed Nurse:Firstly, can I say you are doing a great job and this is scary for me (which I’m sure you are aware).. as I have been very vocal at work in questioning these particular cases. I have kept a notebook of the most distressing cases so have NHIs and dates of jabs, etc documented. The first was in August 2021 – a young (early 20s) female who came in with the worst exacerbation of eczema I have ever seen. She had reacted to her childhood vaccines so her mother had protected her from ever having more. 4 colleagues at her workplace had the v. on the Wednesday. Thursday she worked with them in the office, and by that night her eczema was playing up, she felt extremely nauseous and couldn’t sleep. Over the weekend, she was in so much pain because her skin had started to weep, so presented to ED.

All of us nurses who looked after her were ‘awake’.. she became more dehydrated overnight as all of her body fluid leaked out of every pore and her IV lines kept falling out because her skin and the bed were saturated. I called the DCCM reg to resite the IV who was unable to, her EWS (early warning score) was becoming unstable because we couldn’t hydrate her. I suggested shedding, but was told that was impossible.

nzdsos comment: shedding now scientifically proven in a study showing children seroconvert after mums were injected.