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Dr. Ryan Cole on whether the blood supply is safe: "We don't know"

The parents of Baby Will are right to insist on unvaccinated blood. The safety of the blood supply is unknown. We have a medical community which is not trustable on anything vax related.

Executive summary

The medical community is still not seeing any connection between the vaccine and deaths. They don’t acknowledge the relationship except in a few rare cases. This is all willful blindness. So why should we now believe them with respect to the safety of the blood supply from vaccinated people?

Until the medical community starts acknowledging the vaccines are unsafe, their assurances of safety with respect to anything vaccine related should be highly suspect.

In the case of the safety of the blood supply, US pathologist Ryan Cole has a message, “We don’t know.”

Dr. Ryan Cole on the safety of the blood supply

I asked Dr. Ryan Cole what he thought about the integrity of the blood supply. I asked him the same question the dentist in Marathon Man asked: “Is it safe?”

Here is his verbatim response:

We don’t know. Nobody knows. I have clots from unvaccinated deceased that were transfused and formed large clots post transfusion and died. No blood bank is checking. “One cannot find, that for which they do not look”. This is akin to blood banks and hemophiliacs and HIV in the 1980s. It may not be a problem. However, it may be. There are assays academically available to check for circulating spike protein. It is criminal negligence to not assure the safety of the blood supply based on bureaucratic declarations without scientific explorations.

The bottom line is that Baby Will’s parents are correct. They have made a responsible decision and their decision should be respected by the medical community.


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