The Most Important Whistleblower In America: Dr. Andrew Huff

One insider has the receipts on Tony Fauci, the CIA, the FBI, DHS, Peter Daszak, and Ralph Baric.

Emerald Robinson

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The most important whistleblower in America right now is Dr. Andrew Huff. He is responsible for exposing several scandals unfolding inside our national security state related to the COVID pandemic.

Tony Fauci. Peter Daszak. Ralph Baric. Hunter Biden. The CIA. The FBI. DHS. Dr. Huff has receipts on everybody involved in the COVID pandemic — and they know it.

Why is it so important to follow him on Twitter? Because Doctor Andrew Huff tweets incredible things like this.

Let’s start by making sure that you know what Dr. Andrew Huff has already done as a whistleblower in the last few months.

A few weeks ago, Dr. Andrew Huff gave a sworn statement — as a former vice president of EcoHealth Alliance! — that the COVID-19 virus was created in China as “a joint project between an American company (EcoHealth Alliance) and the CCP controlled Wuhan Institute of Virology.” Dr. Huff knew this because he was an eyewitness at EcoHealth Alliance meetings.