The Conflation of Ideological State Programming: PSYOP-19 & PSYOP-CLIMATE-CHANGE

COVID and “climate change” are the twin pillars of the technocommunist Great Reset power grab. They work off of each other as deliberately programmed by the behavioral psychologists in ramping up societal mass induced fear.

There was never any pandemic as per actual data (global death rate 2020 was identical to 2018 and 2019 at 0.76%), and CO2 is a vital gas for life on earth that is currently far too low at 421ppm nor does it impact weather in any scientifically provable way.

2nd Smartest Guy in the World

I briefly went on Twitter just now and did five retweets:

These five retweets are the exact same agenda with varying flavors of State violence. They are overt admissions of the cabal’s endgame which is the ubiquitous social credit score system, and never-ending slow kill bioweapon injections that genetically modify the posthuman slaves while herding them into ever more dystopian smart cities to be depopulated at the whims of the technocrats lording over the remnants of society.

  • They represent completely manufactured psyops with zero scientific basis

  • They depict the threat of and actual State violence

  • They represent illegitimate taxation

  • They all by design end in inflation and economic collapse

  • They all infringe on both natural rights and constitutional law in their respective nations

  • They all express the UN, WEF, WHO, IMF, CFR, Rockefeller and Gates “nonprofit” foundations, et al. antihuman agendas

  • They are all profound reminders that the One World Government and their wholly captured “sovereign” governments waging full spectrum soft wars against their populations, like the illegitimate Federal government operating out of the foreign nation of Washington, D.C., must be offered total nonviolent noncompliance

  • They all prove that governments and their apparatchiks want you dead

Do NOT comply.