The Band-Aid Has Been Ripped off the Vaccine Agenda: 30% of Parents Now Question the Entire Schedule

And 90% of parents still say “no thanks” to C19 shots for their young children.

For the longest time, vaccines were ubiquitously praised as a medical miracle — only a little more than 1% of American children had no immunizations as of 2019.

But after the COVID debacle, sentiment has quickly changed, including among doctors who were previously pro-vaccine.

One of those doctors is Peter McCullough, a revered internist, cardiologist, epidemiologist, and one of the most prominent critics of the Covid-19 response. He says, “I’m extremely worried — particularly this whole history of vaccines.”

These vaccines are almost like a talisman! It’s almost as if, through the course of time, people felt like their bodies were frail, and they needed some type of external biotechnology support for a human body to move forward. And now the band-aid has been ripped off the vaccines, and now people are critically examining all the vaccines — myself included.

And we’re finding the absence of properly-controlled trials. We’re seeing vaccines being administered for easily treatable illnesses now, like diphtheria and pertussis. And we’re seeing now an absolute assault! We’re seeing children, without question, receiving something like over 70 injections. When I was born, and I was a small child, there were only three!