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The Kiwis Took The Baby

A judge in New Zealand has ruled that Baby Will's parents should be stripped of their power to make medical decisions for their son.

James Roguski For background information about Baby Will, please visit:

Baby blood donor vaccine battle: Judge rules in favour of Te Whatu Ora, child placed under court’s guardianship for surgery

This information was originally published by George Block on 6 Dec, 2022 11:49 PM at

A High Court judge has ruled in favour of health authorities who sought court guardianship of a gravely ill baby boy after his parents refused a blood transfusion and instead wanted a court order to receive blood from exclusively unvaccinated donors.

The court delivered its ruling just after 6pm in the landmark case of a gravely ill baby needing a blood transfusion as part of life-saving surgery.

The potentially precedent-setting decision is expected to have wide ramifications and draw a strong reaction in the anti-vaccine movement, where the case became a cause-celebre for those opposed to the vaccine.



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