Steve Kirsch: Videos you should know about - Greg Hunter, vaccine victim finger amputee Jeff Diamond

Plus public health official Troy Ross, Li-Meng Yan, and James Lyons-Weiler on PCR.

Steve Kirsch

Links to new videos:

  1. Greg Hunter: I’m interviewed on USA Watchdog

  2. Jeff Diamond: Musician who lost his fingers after the vax from amputation.

  3. Troy Ross: He’s a rare public health official who tells the truth.

  4. Li-Meng Yan: World famous virologist and Chinese government whistleblower says the virus was deliberately released by the Chinese government as a bio-weapon and why.

  5. James Lyons-Weiler: The PCR test and does the virus exist nonsense.

  6. CDC video: shows vaccine efficacy in the real world (a must watch)