People Dropping Like Flies

I know you have seen deaths in the movies. Of course, these are acted. But, have you ever seen people actually keeling over and dropping dead for real?

By: Robert Jay Rowen, MD. Integrative medical doctor who focuses on biological methods to prevent, treat and heal. Oxidation methods, particularly ozone therapy, are centerpiece.

I just saw a jaw dropping video that tore me up. Young people simply collapsing in the midst of talking or competing. You might want to take a look at this video. But I warn you, it is graphic and horrifying:

People dropping like flies and smashing their heads on stoves, on the floor, desks, more. We don’t have the video of the airline captain who keeled over while piloting his jet. I presume it exists at Delta, according to information from a personal friend/patient, who is an airline captain.

I encourage constructive comments from those who believe in forcing this genetic “vaccine” after seeing the video. Also heartbreaking are the very vile and evil comments made about the pandemic, blaming a religious minority for the disaster, when we have evidence all around us of what really happened. Such thought processes make me wonder if there is much hope for humanity. Who will they turn to for blame when those they are blaming now are routed out like in Nazi Germany.

But, let’s move on.

In this link: Germans {are] Baffled by Soccer Players Collapsing & Dropping Dead on the Field:

Here are links to athletes who are suddenly dropping dead or simply collapsing on the field, and below is a chart showing the explosion of cases.