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OMICRON was NOT 'nature's vaccine or a 'blessing' as we prior thought; we were WRONG

This disaster is happening due to the non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs that we must STOP vaxx!

Dr. Paul Alexander

Geert Vanden Bossche; we misunderstood for we wanted to believe that we were in the clear but disastrously, we are NOT, the COVID sub-optimal vaccine places us in danger; high infection & low deaths.

I am no immunologist or virologist but am heavily worked in the area of COVID and now immunology etc. so I am trying to explain as I understand. I want to share and inform. Please bear with me. I stand on the shoulders of my friend Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, some Malone, some Yeadon, lots Bridle. We are colleagues and work together. These are my views informed largely by GVB. I am laying it out how I understand it as an update and we learn more within this psychopathy called COVID.

Every thing over the last 2 years and for sure the last one year on these vaccines for this mutable COVID virus, were lies. Pure lies! Meant to deceive. All, Fauci, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins (the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), all lied to you, fully! The more of these shot your get, the older you are e.g. 50 and over, the more at risk of hospitalization and death. We must get proper accountability one day soon in proper inquiries to assess who did wrong in these vaccines. Clean them out financially if they did wrong and caused deaths, and imprison them if need be! Any one who played a role in these vaccines and caused deaths, jail them! Examine Njoo and Tam in Canada too, all involved, federal, provincial, city level governments and Task Forces. Look into the Ontario Government Task Force COVID Science Table and that nutball moronic idiot David Fisman and his bogus CMAJ study, scientific crap!

We are saying, based on what has happened thus far with the COVID mRNA vaccine, the utter disaster and failure, the harms and deaths accrued, that we are fortunate that the non-sterilizing vaccine is only driving highly infectious variants with a competitive ‘fitness advantage’ e.g. BA.2, BA. 4 and BA.5 etc. This can drive the dominant propagation of new, increasingly vaccine-resistant variants.

But we are talking now about the potential, and very shortly we theorize, for an infectious variant (immune escape variant) to emerge as before that would become enriched (proliferate) in the environment and become ‘dominant’, but one that is also highly pathogenic/lethal that could devastate humanity.

Infectious and deadly at once. I know fully that the vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna knew this could happen and they decided to still continue to roll out a non-sterilizing vaccine in the midst of a pandemic with massive infectious pressure, knowing that the sub-optimal ‘immature’ leaky immune pressure will only impose selection pressure for variants. Why? Was it purely greed? Were they that stupid? That inept? Was it malevolence? It has to be one of the two. Was it a combination of greed, ineptness, and some malevolence? I cannot believe they are that inept and incompetent. Something does not make sense that they would bring a flawed vaccine out of the gate this way.

Where was the benevolence to the society/world? They knew and know what we are facing and yet will not stop. How could they mislead POTUS Trump this way? He depended on their counsel and he trusted that Bourla, Bancel, Azar, Fauci, Francis Collins etc. were being honest with him and guided him optimally. They did not. They mislead him and we are facing disaster. I know that these mRNA vaccines are very dangerous. They, Bourla and Bancel know this. Fauci et al. know this. Walensky knows this. Collins know this. The question is why for they brought a vaccine destined to fail, out of the box. It COULD not work, period. It has shown it cannot work, so then why not stop? I am saying again, and warning, these are very dangerous, do not vaccinate your children with these as you would damage their innate immune system.


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