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"In Australia, the federal government has granted fast-tracked approval to four drug companies to develop their experimental vaccines, which allow them to defer many steps key to ensuring vaccine safety and efficacy. Numerous medical experts are warning about unorthodox and biased trials, unreleased results data, unknown long-term effects, and the distinct possibility of death and serious injury from these new vaccines, in their current stage of development. 

Many people are concerned about the speed with which these vaccines are being brought to market. In the government’s rush to roll out and potentially mandate the experimental vaccines, many people have been motivated to take action to bring about honesty, transparency and accountability with this vaccine program. It is from this background that we were inspired to form People for Safe Vaccines Ltd, to address these issues head-on."

Declination Letter Templates

Template letters to help you address immediate concerns regarding mask wearing, 'mandatory' vaccinations, 'mandatory' PCR testing and more:



On October 26, Senior Constable Alex Cooney sent an open letter to NSW Police Commissioner raising concerns about how the police force were being used during the State of Emergency powers and questioning the proportionality of the response to the threat of COVID-19. In it he challenged the current mainstream narrative, using well-researched references and called for an investigation. 

Alex called out to other members of the police to show their solidarity, and join him in his quest and in under a month, more than 52,000 downloaded and circulated his letter, over 6500 signed his form to show their support, which included hundreds of police and military officers.

After giving the commissioner a month to respond, Snr Constable Kevin Dawson has accepted the challenge and issued his own open letter, declaring his support of Alex' request for a thorough investigation.

Legal Firms Supporting Health Freedom

AFL Solicitors

If you're an employee or student who has received a notice for mandatory vaccination DO NOT RESIGN:AFL Solicitors can assist you, CLICK HERE for more information.


G&B Lawyers

Clemens Haskin Legal

Activist Groups supporting Health Freedom and families right to choice
Political Parties supporting Health Freedom
Social Media accounts supporting medical freedom
(editors note: many accounts speaking up for medical freedom are being censored and deleted)
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There are several groups organising and preparing in Australia, coming from a variety of angles, all of which need your support.  Our best course of action is to put our voices together to provide numbers, financial assistance and exposure for existing organised groups.  Many are experiencing heavy censorship.  It's important to remember there are billions of dollars at stake and we need to come together, even if we don't agree on all issues!