Omicron could be blessing. NYT editor drops dead of "heart attack" day after booster shot.

COVID cases are skyrocketing, mostly due to the explosive omicron variant. It has paid no attention to “fully vaxxed” people, transmitting right through them. So, what do the pundits do? They are recommending a booster shot.

By: Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Never mind that its effects might last just 10 weeks. ( After your third jab, you will have some immunity to omicron, if temporary.

There is some real good news on this however, Omicron appears to be much less dangerous. Its ability to damage the deepest areas of the pulmonary tract appear far less than, say, the delta variant. If I knew where to go to get omicron, I’d strongly consider, like the measles parties of old. Clearly, wild immunity outperforms plastic vaccine immunity.

And. a New York Times Asia editor just died at a young 49 years of a “heart attack” The Times report neglected to tell its readers that the father and husband died the day after a booster shot.

However, there is information that is relevant:

“Very sudden death and aftermath…

Mr. Tejada posted his final Instagram update on December 17. He received a Moderna mRNA injection for his booster shot, mixing it with the J&J adenovirus vector. Granted all of the injections are equally lethal. But we’re slowly collecting data that show very unfavorable outcomes when you mix brands.”

That the NYT was silent on their man getting a Moderna booster is deafening to me. I saw the man’s picture. He did NOT look to me like a vascular ticking time bomb. Do you think it is coincidence that he died of a heart attack just a day after the genetic jab? If so, then you are likely to agree with the pundits that professional athletes in their 20s have dropped dead on the playing field of heat exhaustion, rather than the jab they got.

So far, I am delighted about omicron, and not because it is proving the pro forced vaxxers wrong...