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Mask Plastic Does Enter Your Lungs!

I have recently put out reports telling you that I have been terrified of the impact of plastic contamination from masks, protective gear, etc.

By: Robert Jay Rowen, MD

I believe I was the first in the world to sound the alarm perhaps much more than a year ago. Of course if the mainstream media would have gotten to me, I would have been silenced like most others who question the Pied Piper.

I am copying an abstract from a report that came out several months ago, which I just came across. It appears, in the usual shortsightedness of your rulers, that all of us have been put in harm’s way by the draconian mandates. There has been great controversy over the effectiveness of masks. I have been opposed from the getgo. If I had posted the following (now confirmed) fears on my old FB page, I would have been nuked. That’s why I came to Substack.

Folks, this is more than terrifying. And we might not know for a decade or more how many people the Rulers have condemned to pulmonary and other organ injury in the conjecture that a few COVID cases could be prevented. I know small children who have worn masks, and are still wearing masks. I see adults every day, even on outdoor trails, wearing plastic masks.

Please read and share. I hope you’ll help this page to grow. I am sorry that I know of nothing that can help rid your body of this compelled assault on you, the environment, and our fragile planet.

I do know that the alleged green movement is doing NOTHING to stem the destruction of the planet’s living biosphere. But in the name of CO2 (whether correct or incorrect) your few remaining liberties are being castrated.

We have RULERS who care nothing more than the very short term dictates to get their party elected or re-elected. And the American SHEEPLE are there for the pickings of these wolves. We deserve what we have brought onto ourselves. A sad commentary for the planet and those forced to comply.


Comes to mind the prisoner’s dilemma. If one Nazi ghetto prisoner attempted to rebel, he’d have been put down readily. But if all did, while some and many would have been killed, they might have been able to overcome their captors.

No one is willing to chance being prisoner #1.


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