Kids in NSW slapped with over $2.1 million in COVID-19 fines

Children in NSW are struggling to pay back COVID-19 fines, after being hit with over $2.1 million worth since July last year.

New data reveals New South Wales police have doled out almost 3000 on-the-spot penalties to kids failing to comply with COVID-19 restrictions, some worth as much as $5000.

Samantha Lee, police accountability solicitor at Redfern Legal Centre, explained minors simply cannot be expected to pay.

"A child has as much capacity to pay a $1000 or $5000 fine using their pocket money as an ant has to push a boulder uphill," she said.

"The issuing of a penalty notice should be a measure of last resort, especially where children are concerned."

Representatives from the Aboriginal Legal Service say these fines are being issued to a disproportionate number of children from Indigenous communities.