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Face masks aren’t the answer, says esteemed Australian psychologist

Dr Gregory J. Boyle B.Sc. (Hons), Ph.D. (Delaware), Ph.D. (Melbourne), D.Sc. (Queensland) has even taken the extraordinary step to write directly to Minister for Health Greg Hunt to express his concerns.

He’s also sought answers as to why people who have been fully-vaccinated are being required – under the threat of hefty fines issued by the NSW Police Force – to wear loose-fitting cloth or paper face masks while out in public during the current lockdowns.

“An apparent health science expert (Ms Radha Khiani, director, Office of Health Protection and Response Division) stated: ‘If people are in a region with significant community transmission… wearing a mask while out in public can provide an extra layer of protection, especially when it is difficult to practice physical distancing,” Dr Boyle said.

“Yet, to my knowledge, there is no definitive peer-reviewed published empirical evidence whatsoever that proves this supposition to be valid.

“To the very contrary, I sent Mr Hunt highly-credentialled research papers that confirm loose-fitting cloth or paper face masks were essentially useless in preventing viral transmission, such as COVID-19.

“Moreover, in relation the Delta variant, of which state governments seem so hysterically terrified, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) director Dr Rochelle Walensky issued the following unequivocal guidance: ‘Fully-vaccinated individuals are protected against the [Delta] strain and don’t need to wear masks’.

“What is the purpose and where is the incentive to get the jab if fully-vaccinated people are still being punished and required to wear face masks?

“This whole situation amounts to unscientific, hysterical fear-mongering that has no basis in fact.

“Not surprisingly, I haven’t received a response from Mr Hunt yet.

“But, the panic-stricken overreaction is pathetic.

“There were more than 1,100 flu deaths in Australia in 2017.

“No-one said anything about face masks or lockdowns back then.

“Is a flu death less concerning than a COVID death?”


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