Daniel Bobinski Interview: Embalmer Says Blood Has Changed

Embalmer Richard Hirschman says, “something has changed with peoples’ blood” in the last two years. In an interview with UncoverDC contributor Daniel Bobinski on his Keep the Republic broadcast, Hirschman explained he not only began to see an increase in deaths by the fall of 2020 but also saw an “increase in clotting” during his embalming. Strangely, he also observed that even though the virus itself was less prevalent, the deaths remained high. Hirshman has been an embalmer and funeral director for 21 years.

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@lanirudhreddy

According to Hirschman, in January 2021, the shots became more prevalent in his area. Even though officials were attributing all of the deaths to COVID-19, he began to wonder because of what he was seeing in his lab.

“Deaths,” said Hirschman, “began to shoot through the roof, and the clotting issues became worse. Hirschman began to feel there may be a correlation between the mRNA injections and the clots he was observing.” In late 2020, he noticed there was often “excessive clotting going on.” By May 2021, however, the clots began to look different from anything he had previously seen in his work. Not only that, but in many cases, clots were appearing in arteries, not veins, an extremely rare occurrence. “Normal clots,” said Hirshman, “are like grape jam. They are hard to pick up. It wants to fall apart and just slide out of your fingers. These strange clots are elastic and cannot be dissolved.” Additionally, Hirschman also sees “large purple clots” that are thicker and look and “act more like large worms.”