Australian Media: "Majestic Princess cruise with 800 COVID-19 patients set to dock in Sydney"

Three years later and the press is still reporting cruise ship outbreaks like they matter. I just want everything to stop being so stupid.

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Somehow cruises are still a thing, which people are still somehow doing.

Specifically, around 4,600 people are currently aboard the Majestic Princess as she approaches Sydney. Among the amusements provided them by the wise administrators of Princess Cruises is apparently a rigorous antigen testing regimen, doubtless because passengers and crew alike believe this is hygienic and responsible, even though none of them, if challenged, could defend their bizarre compulsion or explain its benefits in any way at all. Alas, idiocy has consequences, and suddenly around 800 testees turn out to have SARS-2 antigens in their mucus. This is now a newspaper story in multiple languages, because everything has to be extremely, unbearably stupid all the time now.