Artificial Grass Roots

Never trust the song of a bard who was paid to write it. A great read and some good news for once! - Editor

It’s a funny thing about manipulative skullduggery: when you engage in it as a core practice, you tend to presume that everyone around you is doing it too. you assume there are no “grass roots” movements just pay for play astroturf and machination. nothing baffles a liar like an honest man.

Perhaps this is why so many in government these days are so prone to accusing others of meddling with media and elections and public sentiment and being in the pay of everyone from the russians to the koch brothers:

Because all their own influence and impact are bought with dirty gold.

Judicial Watch, who has done just astonishing amounts of great work all covid by using FOIA to get a look behind the curtains of some truly recalcitrant wizards has struck another mother load of deceitful nastiness.

let’s look: