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What Pandemic? New UK Figures Reveal Mortality for 2021 is Below the 10-year Average

Newly released figures from the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFA) Mortality Monitor show that cumulative mortality in the first six months of 2021 in England and Wales is running 0.4% below the 10-year average, once adjusted for the size and age of the population (see image).

The scaremongering that enabled the country to accept further lockdowns goes completely against the evidence showing 2021 is a low mortality year, despite the supposed surge in winter Covid deaths. The low mortality since March has completely cancelled out the winter spike. One must ask whether those that died of Covid throughout the harsh winter would have succumbed to the flu or another respiratory bacteria anyway?

The IFA previously reported the cumulative age-adjusted mortality figures compared to the 10-year average weekly, but mysteriously decided to change their baseline in their weekly reports in May from the 10-year average to 2019 (the lowest mortality year on record) just as 2021 was about to go below average

In Australia, the average age of a Covid death is 85, slightly over the life expectancy and with only now a few 'Covid deaths' for 2021 (meaning those that tested positive for Covid - not necessarily persons who died with Covid as the primary cause) it will come as no surprise to us when Australian mortality rates do not show a spike either.

Or will we see a similar fudging of figures a-la Bill Gates' recommended read "How to Lie with Statistics".

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