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We Are All Ensnared in the Elite’s Web

Yes, there is a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy of the elite against the rest of us. It has been in operation for years. You can learn much about it from Kees Van Der Pijl’s just published book by Clarity Press, States of Emergency.

Paul Craig Roberts

The elites are a mere handful, but they control all the power. They control the print, TV, and social media, universities, think tanks, governments, finance, large scale production, bar associations, health care, most celebrities, and have their own organizations that comprise interlocking directorates such as Bilderberg, Atlantic Council, Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, the G30 group of former central bank presidents, World Economic Forum, the World Bank, the IMF. The same people comprise corporate boards and the top executive ranks of large corporations.

The gathering of power went through many steps. For example, during the Clinton regime in the US the diverse and independent media was concentrated in 6 hands. Six mega-companies were permitted to buy up 90% of the US media. The concentration of the media went against all American tradition. Regulation of industries was abandoned on the basis of Alan Greenspan’s edict that “markets are self-regulating,” and regulatory agencies became marketing agents for formerly regulated industries such as pharmaceuticals. The Sherman Anti-trust Act became a dead letter law on the basis of the assertion that in the global economy only the very large could compete. Thus, monopoly control replaced the market economy.

Van Der Pijl explains how the various elite networks–transnational, financial, governmental, etc.–work toward a common agenda. Meanwhile, the elite use their control over ideas, communication, and entertainment to keep us peons fighting among ourselves: Republicans vs. Democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives, racism, women’s rights, transgender rights, abortion rights, and distracted with Russian Threat, Chinese Threat, Terrorist Threat. The real threat goes undisclosed and unremarked.

Deceit of the people is the priority task for all Western governments, supported by intelligence agencies, IT corporations and media.

Van Der Pijl names names. For example, the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg Conference reflects the ruling power bloc: Eric Schmidt (Google), IT companies (Palantir) and entrepreneurs (Peter Thiel), Belgian banker and media magnate Thomas Leysen, directors and executives of financial institutions (Lazard, Deutsche Bank, the Wallenberg investor group in Sweden), Henry Kravis of the Kohlberg-Kravis-Roberts hedge fund. Leysen is a member of the Trilateral Commission, Friends of Europe, and the Bilderberg Group.


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