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WATCH: Canadian MP silenced, branded “disinformation” after questioning WEF influence

As Canada falls further and further down a “new normal” rabbit hole, every day there are worrying signs of outright fascism creeping into society.

Last week Trudeau invoked the Emergencies Act, enabling the government to order banks to freeze the assets of protesters (or even just people donating money to them. The finance minister has said some of these measures will be permanent.

On Friday the Ottawan authorities put out warnings saying they would seize pets from the protesters, and they would be put down after 8 days. And that children would be “removed” to a “place of safety” once the crackdown started.

Over the weekend green-uniformed military-style police were in Ottawa, names and ID numbers covered. Beating and arresting peaceful protesters, threatening passers-by and riding down old ladies on horseback.

But perhaps most worrying of all is a simple video showing an act of war on the truth.

On Saturday, Canadian MP Colin Carrie asked a question during a session of parliament, regarding the influence of World Economic Forum on the Canadian government (video from TrueNorth News)


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