"Vaccine" Nanostructures & Charles Lieber’s Liquid Computing

A video of the slow kill bioweapon was sped up over time to reveal in its ingredients nanobots assembling themselves into micro-machines:

by Rhoda Wilson

During an interview with Australian podcaster Maria Zeee, Dr. David Nixon revealed a video of nanotechnology in Pfizer’s Covid injections assembling. They are not self-assembling, Dr. Nixon explained, but rather they are being assembled by nanorobots or micro-machines. The work of these robots is happening at such a slow pace that the work they’re doing isn’t detected unless the video is played at about 100x real-time speed. To demonstrate Dr. Nixon condensed his 3-hour video into about a minute.

Dr. David Nixon is a general practitioner based in Brisbane, Australia, with a special interest in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and the management of long-term conditions.

In a previous podcast with Maria Zeee, Dr. Nixon revealed his findings of nanotechnology inside the Covid injections. He also discussed how protecting the vials inside a Faraday bag stopped the structures from forming. A Faraday bag is used to block out electromagnetic radiation; e.g., signals sent between cell phones. You can read more HERE and watch this earlier podcast HERE.

In his latest revelations, Dr. Nixon played a video he had taken of the contents of a vial of Pfizer’s Covid “vaccine.” He placed approximately four drops of Pfizer “vaccine” on a glass slide, placed it under a microscope at 200x magnification and filmed the slide for three hours.

In real-time, it appears nothing is happening. “But look what happens when I speed this up,” Dr. Nixon said, “it’s apparent we’re dealing with something completely different from self-assembly – this is nano construction … it’s not assembling itself, it’s essentially, I guess, micro construction.