Vaccine Damaged in Australia

Guest essay by Internationally renowned DJ, composer, and songwriter Tyson Illingworth.

By: Tyson Illingworth

The Australian medical and health system has failed me and is now actively destroying the right to choose a treatment and the Doctor/Patient relationship - and what is concerning is they are now coming for you too.

My name is Tyson Illingworth, and I am an award winning, international DJ, composer, songwriter, and sound designer. The music industry and my fans know me by my artist’s name ‘TYDI’, and I have been a musician/composer for 20 years, and I’m only 35. Music is one of the most important and powerful things in my life and I am eternally grateful that I get to live my dream. I wake up every day excited about creating music for my millions of fans and clients around the world.

Never in my wildest dreams or more precisely my nightmares did I expect that I would find myself where I am today, instead of touring and being interviewed for my latest show, track or album, I am receiving daily media invitations to talk about my fight to regain my health after being injured and paralyzed by the Moderna vaccine.

It is important to know that I am pro-evidence-based science and thought the vaccine was safe for me. I believed whole heartedly that I was doing “the right thing” by getting vaccinated. I had complete faith and trust in my country’s (Australia) leadership and medical system – that is until I suffered a severe adverse reaction that left me helpless, paralyzed, and with no help from doctors or my government.

Before the pandemic hit, I lived in California for ten years, and like many others in 2021, I soon found my life came to a standstill and I had to move back to Australia. In October that same year I received my first vaccination. Within days I started to feel severe and unbearable shooting pain and paralysis in my hands and feet. I contacted a globally well-respected spinal surgeon for advice, and his reply scared me like nothing before: “This can only be evidence of a catastrophic Neurological failure”.