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The Project Veritas Document Was Real; The Research Overall Originated With D.R.A.S.T.I.C

No, it was not about "viruses" it was about vaccines. For the BATS. To develop aerosolized and transdermal spike protein vaccines for bats in China. Ask yourself: Why?

Celia Farber

I spent the entire day studying the Project Veritas document drop that has us all shocked, confused, and to varying degrees, distrustful. Many wondered if it was real, if Project Veritas was being “played,” if it was part of a deeper, sinister agenda to push virus panic, and so forth. I want to say just a few things, from my frustrating research dive. First of all, very few people are sourcing it correctly. It actually has deep roots, and goes way back.

This is a good place to begin.

Then, go here.

You will see that NIH awarded its first grant to EcoHealthAlliance toward “Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence,” in May of 2014.

To wit: 2014 May 27

Award to EHA of NIH R01Al110964 grant (‘‘Understanding the Risk of Bat Coronavirus Emergence’’) for 5 years (June 2014 - May 2019) - with subgrants to WIV, East China Normal University (Shanghai) and (starting year 3) Wuhan University.1

The clarification came for me here, when I saw what was going on with the bats. They were developing aerosolized and transdermal vaccines for the bats, for one thing. Here, read for yourself: 5. EHA PLANNED TO INOCULATE WILD BATS WITH AEROSOLIZED VACCINES

The proposal for wide scale inoculation of bats in the wild using aerosolized inoculum delivery has never been publicly released or opened to the wider scientific community for discussion as to potential risks associated with this plan.


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