"The problem is population": Gref's Davos-endorsed yogi seems nice

A wise mystic taught Sberbank's CEO how to open his 7 chakras and enslave humanity.


Yesterday your Still-Stuck-In-Tbilisi Correspondent was aimlessly scrolling through Twitter when he stumbled upon a curious video montage of a friendly Indian man talking about the joys of population control and unproven genetic slurries.

“All the religious groups are against me because I’m talking about population. They want more souls, I want less on the planet,” the friendly man says while standing in front of a giant World Economic Forum logo, before bursting into uproarious laughter.

Another lifehack from the same bearded sage: “It may look like there are many problems, but actually there’s only one problem. We are nice but we are just too many… Believe me, it is much easier to control human population than human aspirations.”

A third and final commandment: “It is very important that everybody gets vaccinated… Right now, vaccination is a must for everybody…. the philosophies of anti-vax—this is just rubbish.”