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WEF reveals agenda for Davos 2023 ruling class gathering

January confab will focus on the climate hoax and Putin, among new action items.

Jordan Schachtel

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has released the major themes for its upcoming January 2023 Davos conference.

Each year, the WEF brings together a well-connected cadre of powerful public and private individuals and organizations behind heavily secured and invite-only doors for their annual meeting in Switzerland. Through this gathering, the global “elite” is provided a physical space to form narratives and ideas to bolster their power. The WEF is led by a comic book villain-like character in Klaus Schwab, its president. Schwab has dedicated his life to the advancement of a fascist agenda through which all power is controlled by the merger of the state and select corporate interests.

Davos is where these corporate and governmental power centers coalesce behind big action items. Themes such as Build Back Better, The Great Reset, and ESG were facilitated and advanced by Davos-connected entities.


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