The number you'll never see

Why won't researchers report on all-cause mortality in the mRNA vaccinated?

Since May, Covid has nearly disappeared as a global killer - a fact largely unreported by the media outlets that spent two years hyping its threat.

Despite aggressive counting rules, not even 1 percent of deaths worldwide are now attributed to Covid. And even those deaths nearly all occur in the old and very seriously ill.

Meanwhile, overall deaths - including in younger people - have spiked in 2022 in many countries that relied heavily on the mRNA vaccines.

Yet when scientists use large databases to report on how the vaccines affect death trends, they usually focus exclusively on Covid deaths. They have largely refused to try to parse overall mortality trends in vaccinated and unvaccinated groups, even though they could easily do so using the same databases.

As Covid becomes less and less important as a driver of overall mortality and illness, this decision appears increasingly bizarre.