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The narrative is crumbling. Something bad and big is going on.

"It's another level now, of criminality"..."there's a lot of doctors that feel the same way, they're too frightened to speak up" ... "the viewers are being deceived by a carefully crafted narrative"...

As we head deeper into the 'crisis', many of us are being alerted to what the real crisis is ... and it's not the illusion of a deadly pandemic that is been manipulated to achieve goals we don't yet fully understand.

We don't, and probably won't, know all the details and who is really behind it.

But we do know we are being lied too on a grand scale and that is all we need to know for now - we MUST take action - while we still can.

We are being told what to think, how to act, when and what time we can leave our homes, who we can visit, how long we can go out for, what activities we can do. We've lost the right to peacefully protest and those that do are faced with riots cops, rubber bullets and prison. We can no longer breathe freely outdoors anymore without a piece of cloth over our face, no matter how 'socially-distanced' we are!!

Business forced to close, forced to track every customer - or else face the fines.

The censorship, the cover-ups, the silence of media on literally HUNDREDS of deaths and THOUSANDS of adverse reactions, many of them permanent and life changing. THIS IS NOT ABOUT SCIENCE OR ABOUT YOUR SAFETY. It's simply incredible what we have been conditioned to accept in a relatively short time.

We're told there's no end in sight UNLESS we take an experimental injection, that does not stop you getting sick, does not stop you from giving it to someone else and does not work against 'new variants'. In the meantime, those who've succumbed to the jab STILL must follow all restrictions. Why? So they'll put pressure on those who haven't to 'do the right thing". This video will send chill downs your spine. We don't have much time left, it's time to BE BRAVE, SPEAK UP, contact your MP's and put pressure on them - or support those that do. Have those difficult conversations with family and friends. Be honest, be open, be patient. We have the truth on our side.


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