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Do the Mysterious Fibrous Clots Really Exist?

There are now numerous confirmations from around the world of the "Died Suddenly" blood clots.

A Midwestern Doctor

People often have difficulty considering ideas that lie far outside of their paradigm, especially when they have no first-hand experience with them.

One of the major difficulties over the past year, with which people have had to come to terms is that of people dying suddenly months after receiving a vaccination. This difficulty is because you must be open to each of the following:

•Everyone who should have been responsible for preventing this (who you have trusted without question for your entire life) failed in their duty to safeguard the health of the people. Beyond the sense of betrayal that comes with this, an even more unsettling question arises—how then do you navigate life and who or what do you trust?

•A ticking time bomb exists inside you which may go off suddenly without you knowing it.

•The fact that it is even possible to create an injectable product that could create this delayed sudden death effect.

The magnitude of this problem has caused many of us who had previously been on the sidelines to feel compelled to speak out and try to do something to stop the catastrophe we’ve realized is unfolding, and I feel that we are finally starting to scale the insurmountable mountain we faced when this all started.


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