Revealing Doctors Forum - what are they seeing?

Medscape forum "How concerned are you about adverse events related to the vaccines?". For professionals only. A few comments below:

"Yes, I am deeply concerned. I have been in intensive care unit nurse for over 25 years. I have seen such an increase in the number of patients coming in with cardiac issues which typically involve thrombus and bleeding. For example, I had two patients with mild cardiac symptoms, and when labs were assessed they had markers that indicated blood clots. Ultrasound revealed thrombus in the lower extremities that extended from the knee to the groin. both of these patients were taken to the Cath Lab emergently and filters were placed. I've never seen people with blood clots that big that were relatively asymptomatic. Other patients were having bleeding issues while at the same time had lab values that indicated that they had blood clots. All of these patients had had at least three COVID-19 vaccine injections. I am not sure why people can't see what's going on. Other nurses and doctors just shake their head and are baffled at his cases, but never question whether it can be related to the vaccine. I questioned it a couple of times, and I could tell that several of the providers were not pleased with my questioning."

"I’m very concerned. I am the Chief Nursing Officer at a small hospital that has an ED that sees about 25 patients per day. Population is active duty military, dependents, and other beneficiaries. We have definitely seen and increase is patients with blood clots, neuro symptoms, stroke like events, and a couple of sudden, unexpected deaths in young people. The cause needs to be investigated and we need transparency."

"I practice internal and family medicine for 37 years. Have never seen so many myocarditis, thromboembolic events, herpes zoster, sudden death and many more potential side effects. Also more other viral infections in vaccinees. There must be inquiry while suspending further mRNA vaccinations"