Pandemics of the Vaccinated - New study showing negative efficacy in the vaccinated

A study from earlier in October looked at the effectiveness of Moderna’s Covid-19 vaccine against infection and COVID-19 hospitalisation. This has been done many times before but this one looked specifically at effectiveness against SAR-CoV-2 Omicron subvariants.

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The study looked at a total of 123,236 individuals (30,809 positive cases and 92,427 negative cases). 12,724 (41.3%) positive cases where in the triple jabbed and 9,909 (32.2%) in the unvaccinated. There were 1,793 hospitalisations.

Whilst protection against hospitalisation (with 3 doses) was high, it reduced with each new Omicron variant. Furthermore, the authors say that vaccine efficacy against hospitalisation for BA.4/BA.5 could be particularly low for immunocompromised individuals.

So, the very people that need protection then.

However, the interesting results are those looking at efficacy against infection.