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More vaccinations, more cases?

We are seeing a strong trend in the most vaccinated countries and places, with 'breakthrough' cases surging, and the numbers in the unvaccinated at a lower percentage - the opposite of what should be happening.

Harvard business school required all of it's staff & students to take the jab, and with 95% + vaccination rates, it should be the shining example of what vaccination can achieve - provided the jabs are effective that is.

As vaccination targets are being set as high as 90% in Australia, with some easing of restrictions for the vaccinated set to begin at 70%, we are already seeing much higher case numbers and the usual fudging of figures to hide the facts.

Health minister Martin Foley announced some disturbing figures for Victoria at a press conference this week.

Meanwhile is Israel, the apparent failure of the vaccine is another reason to add even more vaccinations to the schedule with booster shots now required to keep your 'Green Pass' valid.

Singapore is experiencing the same problem:

Not looking too good in the UK either:

Or in the Seychelles, another country with very high vaccination rates:

We now know what to expect when we reach the vaccination targets - and it's not good news.

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