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Massive QR breach from NSW Government exposes 500,000 addresses

More than 500,000 addresses were leaked in a NSW Government QR code bungle, with the Premier acknowledging it “shouldn’t have happened”.

More than 500,000 addresses – including those of defence sites, domestic violence shelters and a missile maintenance unit – in a massive NSW Government QR code bungle.

The hundreds of thousands of locations were collected by the NSW Customer Services Department through its QR code registration system, having registered as wanting to comply with Covid-Safe directions.

The dataset was then accidentally made public through a government website, 9News reports.

The NSW Government told the network it referred the matter to the Privacy Commissioner in October last year, and was told “the incident did not constitute a privacy breach”.

Premier Dominic Perrottet said he was advised of “an issue” on Monday morning and said the information had been “uploaded in error”.

“That was worked through [with the] Privacy Commissioner. My understanding is they were satisfied that the matter was resolved and that information was taken down,” Mr Perrottet told 9.

“It shouldn’t have happened.”


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