Lessons from Swine Flu Vaccine Propaganda, circa 1976

I think this is a video worth watching. It was done at a time when there was REAL journalism. When reporters actually investigated and told the story, not their biased opinions or fabrications from higher ups.

Robert Jay Rowen, MD

This video is the 60 minutes showing on President Ford’s swine flu vaccine and the damage it caused. We don’t see this in “journalism” today. You’d be fired. How do I know? Because two reporters interviewed Dr. Howard Robins and/or me and their work on their ozone investigation was torpedoed by their editors.

We are not in the days of Cronkite, Murrough, or the 60 minutes of the 1970s. I call it “1984” in 2022.

Swine flu propaganda and its vaccine program quickly ended after truth came out about its neurological complications, of which I lightly experienced but recovered. With COVID vaccines, we have many folds more morbidity than the swine flu vaccine of old.

The best way to capture a population is to create an enemy and hysteria over that enemy. The population is panicked and surrenders power to the government. Germany did it with the Jews. The cold war did it with the Soviet Union. Now disease is declared as an enemy and if you are unvaccinated, you are part of the disease and therefore, an enemy. We will not win a war against microbes by conventional means. We can only win that war by building a robust innate immune response with outstanding nutrition, detoxification and stress reduction. We are learning that with this disease, vaccination is NOT prevention but treatment, as the vaccine, at best, mitigates severe disease without preventing spread.

Most of you here are not of my generation. I encourage you to watch this to see how we were programmed to get a dangerous vaccine back then, but which was far less toxic than today’s, and still, was taken out quickly with reports like this. Media is not reporting even VAERS adverse events. This is a travesty of journalism.