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Japan Cancels CBDC Project, Citing Lack Of Interest From The Public

The Bank of Japan (BoJ) has announced the cancelation of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) project due to lack of interest from the public.

The BOJ, which began testing the technical viability of issuing a CBDC in April 2021, has concluded that it would not be technically feasible for the government to release a yen-backed CBDC at the present time. The Central Bank of Japan had completed its first and second phases of CBDC testing, but has since elected to forgo the third phase, which would have seen the release of a pilot program for participation by private businesses and end-users.

Cash Over Digital Currency in Japan

According to reports, the BOJ scrapped its CBDC program due to a perceived lack of interest from Japanese citizens. The public did not deem the use of a CBDC attractive enough to consider because of the high adoption of digital payments in the country.

The central bank revealed that much of the country’s population already has widespread access to low-cost, efficient internet banking services and digital payment tools.


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