Food Shortages Looming in Near Future Due to Governments’ Globalist Policies

Those familiar with the most recent farmer protests in the Netherlands are saying that the Dutch government’s climate nitrogen-reduction policies targeting farmers, actually have a nefarious goal.

Dutch farmers see it as an effort to seize their land and experts say these climate policies are a part of a global agenda to control the means of food production, that if allowed to play out will end in a global food crisis.

Michael Yon, a journalist who has covered numerous major events and who is currently in the Netherlands covering the farmer protests, told The Epoch Times that the Dutch government is not alone in targeting their farmers, many other countries’ farmers are also experiencing the same threat.

“The dark cult of Devos [World Economic Forum] is trying to destroy these farmers, and obviously, this has major security consequences, not just for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe and the world,” Yon said during a recent interview with Epoch TV’s Crossroads program. “They’re trying to put these farmers out of business and trying to confiscate their land.”