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Jane Halton Pushing New WHO "Pandemic Treaty" Giving Legally Binding Powers to WHO

Claiming the main problem with the management of the 'pandemic' on the global stage is intellectual property rights, Jane Halton is already pushing for the new treaty which is being finalised now and set to become 'legally binding' by 2024 (linked below).

It's extremely concerning that the handling of future pandemics is likely to be signed over completely to unelected globalists, whom I'm quite sure have no qualms about removing your right to choose your own course of treatment or whether or not you are willing to take an experimental jab or 10.

From the article:

A stoush over COVID-19 vaccine patent waivers sought by developing nations is holding up efforts to vaccinate the world as the Omicron variant spreads, former health department secretary Jane Halton says.

Ms Halton, chair of the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations, said a pandemic preparedness treaty being negotiated by the World Health Organisation (WHO) must be used to promote information sharing to help developing countries manufacture their own vaccine doses.

With 88 per cent of Australia’s over-16 population fully vaccinated, Ms Halton, who co-chairs the COVAX initiative working to deliver 2 billion vaccine doses to developing countries, where fewer than 6 per cent of people are inoculated against COVID-19, said it was crucial the country did its part. “As I kept pointing out, if we don’t vaccinate the world, then the prospect of variants remains very real,” she said.

Why is it the most highly vaccinated countries suffered the most then Jane?

“We get variants where we have significant proportions of populations unvaccinated [and] a lot of the virus circulating. So, the reason we need to ensure we vaccinate is not anything other than in our own interest ... No one should think to themselves that if it happens in South Africa or Botswana or Ethiopia or Nigeria, that that is not a problem for us.”



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