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Israeli study shows 4th vaccine shot ‘not good enough’ against Omicron

A study conducted at Sheba Medical Center indicates a fourth shot of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine provides insufficient protection against the Omicron variant of the virus.

The data appears to raise serious questions regarding Israel’s current strategy of boosting all people over the age of 60.


From Robert Jay Rowen, MD

Just out is this news report from Israel that even a FOURTH shot is not good enough for omicron. All I have at the moment is the news directly from Israel, and not the study itself. But, assuming it is accurate, to me it is evidence that we are being driven by opinion and not by science despite those questioning the vaccine so being scorned. Vaccine status seems to have little to do with transmission, though Australia politically deems so in its deportation of a tennis star


Dissent has been suffocated, censorship unlike anything we’ve ever seen since the USA was founded, people fired from jobs, families torn apart, and more.

I can assume the vaccine offers protection against serious disease. So, if you believe in the vaccine, then you have your bullet proof vest. Why rail on the other guy who is more fearful of the vaccine than the virus? I see only one reason. If he gets more serious disease, it takes up a hospital bed, which you might need for something else. I’ve heard about this crisis from some conventional doctors. But a Kaiser doctor told me his hospital has minimum numbers of seriously ill pulmonary COVID cases. And no pregnancy issues. Perhaps there is a difference in demographics between Kaiser and say a public or university hospital?

On the other hand, all science I see indicates that the benefits of the vaccine are temporary. So, Australia and other countries facing an influx of variants might have some serious happenings as their vax immunity wanes while they toss out healthy people like Novak Djokovic.

Terri and I had a great dinner with a brilliant couple we love and dine with regularly now to discuss and educate ourselves on medical matters. Please know a key reason for vaccine failure. It generates IgG – blood antibodies. This is a great method for say hepatitis B which is blood transmitted. But we are dealing with an airborne pathogen which enters the mucus membranes. IgA is needed for neutralization. Only naturally acquired immunity will generate IgA. If your membranes are not exposed, no IgA, and hence, ability for the virus to set up shop in your nose and upper airway, even if it can’t spread through your blood due to vaccine IgG for the few months of vaccine immunity you might have.

Folks, “they” say medicine is a science. I disagree. And, I take some heat for it. We are not genetically identical lab rats. We are different, all of us, even identical twins. Medicine is an art, or an “applied science”. Each valued human being must be so held and treated or approached as an individual, not collectively.

I plan on some very powerful updated information for inexpensive prevention and treatment of acute viral disease in an upcoming Premium issue, for those so interested.


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