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Iceland's Vaccination Failure with more vaccinated contracting the Covid than unvaccinated

The stats do the talking with the failure of the experimental vaccines now blatantly obvious for those who care to look behind the veil of mainstream media's marketing campaign.

Iceland population vaccination status as 23rd July 2021

Fully Vaccinated: 74.3% (253,666)

Partly Vaccinated : 4.15% (14,666)

Not Vaccinated : 21.5%

Source :

We can see from this chart, the vaccinated were more at risk of contracting the virus with almost no unvaccinated cases for 7 months, then a significant uptake of predominately vaccinated cases.


Governments and liability-free vaccine manufacturers continue to push the nonsensical idea that the unvaccinated are somehow presenting a risk to the vaccinated and are doubling down on the remaining unvaccinated, threatening vaccine passports and segregation.

It appears to be a race against time to get the needle into every arm before the rising amount of evidence, showing the vaccines are both dangerous and ineffective, can no longer be hidden.

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