Greenpeace's Crimes and Lies

In Conversation with Andy May

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Andy May is a retired Petrophysicist turned writer. Mr. May has written a lot about the environmental movement and the corruption within the various organizations of the NGO-Industrial Complex.

I had a conversation with Mr. May on his research work on Greenpeace and how the once noble organization turned into a racketeering fund whose own leaders admit to using propaganda to manipulate the public, below is a transcript of his speech.

These two books, Patrick Moore’s Confessions of a Greenpeace Dropout, my book, Politics and Climate Change: A History, and the Heartland Report on the Greenpeace business model by Michael, Ronan, and Imelda Connolly, Willie Soon, and Patrick Moore are the main sources for this talk.

Greenpeace is a Dutch campaigning business with a gross income of $386 million U.S. in 2015. Its income has tripled since the 1990s. Greenpeace had 530 employees in 2021 and assets of more than $80 million. Roughly 36% of their assets are in cash. India has frozen their Indian bank accounts, accusing them of misreporting funds and violating India’s laws against using foreign contributions to affect Indian political activities.