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Google's quiet AstraZeneca investment

Google, is directly invested in the AstraZeneca/Oxford COVID “vaccine" via the developers, Adrian Hill and Sarah Gilbert at the Jenner Institute for Vaccine Research.

Though widely publicised that the jab is not-for-profit, research by investigative journalist Whitney Webb reveals that the actual patents and royalty rights for the AstraZeneca shot are held by a private company called Vaccitech, which was founded by Hill and Gilbert.

Vaccitech’s investors include:

  • Google Ventures

  • The Wellcome Trust, which has longstanding links to the eugenics movement

  • The British government

  • BRAAVOS, a capital investment company set up by a Deutsche Bank executive. BRAAVO’s investment is partially hidden, as BRAAVO is the main shareholder of Oxford Science Innovation, which in turn is invested in Vaccitech

  • Chinese interests, including a Chinese bank branch and a drug company called Fosun Pharma

All of these investors stand to profit in the near future and Vaccitech has made no secret about the future profit potential with its shareholders, mentioning that the COVID-19 shot will most likely become an annual vaccine that is updated each season similar to the seasonal flu vaccine.

AstraZeneca promised it would not make any profit from this COVID-19 vaccine, but once the pandemic is over, that agreement is also over, and AstraZeneca itself decides when that is.

The vaccine is on it's way in large volumes to Africa and Latin America via the COVAX programme.


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