Fink and Clinton: advocating for the IMF & World Bank change to "Decarbonisation"

Along with the United Nations General Assembly and the World Economic Forum’s Climate Crisis Summit in New York City in late September, The Clinton Foundation (Hello Mr. Bill!) held a Clinton Global Initiative conference.

On day two of his foundation’s conference, Former President Bill Clinton and BlackRock CEO Larry Fink discussed Environmental Social Governance (ESG).

After being primed to speak on this topic by Clinton, Fink called for “changing the charters” of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, both of which exist to stabilize the global economy in the case of financial crises. Fink wants to change these organizations basic structures to accelerate decarbonization, with an initial cost of $1 trillion.

Translated: Fink and Clinton, two of the most powerful men in the world, are advocating that the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank CHANGE THEIR CHARTER - that is, to change the very essence of these organizations. to include DECARBONIZATION.

As Clinton and Fink are both heavily involved in the WEF, you can bet there are 1000 transnational corporations ready and waiting for the contracts to flow.

What could possibly go wrong?