Evidence Suggests the COVID Shots Are Responsible for Soaring RSV Cases Throughout the U.S. & Canada

Hospital beds are filling up as RSV cases surge across the United States and Canada. It’s getting so bad that one San Diego school saw nearly 40% of students take absence after a hard-hitting respiratory wave.

Image credit: https://unsplash.com/@little_klein

The Vigilant Fox

Traditional media would like to gaslight you and blame COVID-19 for this sudden rise. But the folks at The Highwire did some digging and found damning evidence against the shots. And they did so using FDA documents involving Pfizer and Moderna’s own clinical trials.


Two to Five-Year-Olds

“So FOUR TIMES THE AMOUNT OF RSV in the vaccinated group compared to the unvaccinated group that hadn't received it,” noted Del Bigtree.

Moving on to Six to Eleven-Year-Olds