COVID and the Law of Karma

It’s a spiritual battle. Most spiritual leaders have failed us.

By: Guy Crittenden

Let’s face it: many spiritual practitioners don’t have much of a ground game, at least when it comes to fighting totalitarian takeovers.

I’ve seen this writ small and large since the COVID operation started in early 2020. Many spiritual friends have been missing in action, unable to handle “the energy” of protest rallies. I appreciate that raising their frequency in private could shift things, but a lot of people (including children) may perish before the good vibes make a difference.

On the writ large level, I won’t soon forget seeing photos of Sadhguru hanging out with World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab.

The situation wasn’t innocent before.

The human family was not in right relationship with nature, God, source, our higher selves — whatever you want to call it. A karmic debt built up over decades of US imperialism (and other insults to human decency), which sprouted dreadful vines from the bloody soil of centuries of unimaginable exploitation and genocide.

We lazily pretend the colonial era somehow ended with the British Empire.

The central-bank-perpetual-war-story arc (that Catherine Austin Fitts talks about) connects the founding of the British and Dutch East India companies four centuries ago with the moment the first crisis actor keeled over for the cameras in Wuhan, China.

In the 20th century we endured the dual scourges of communism and fascism, and Apartheid regimes in South Africa and Palestine, over 70 CIA coup d’états, and sickening unfairness and injustice everywhere. Almost every armed conflict has been a bankers’ war based on a false flag attack, and most civil wars have been stoked by foreign mercenaries.

Case in point: Libya. Or Syria.

I wonder if the Rwanda conflict wasn’t a test for some Voice of God technology (that we know exists) in preparation for the worldwide zombie apocalypse that the CDC pretends to make light of.

If we peek behind the curtain of peoples declared religious affiliations, we’re likely to find their true allegiance is to the cult of scientism for which the true cathedral is the corporate head office. People might pray, but the shopping mall receives their most convincing genuflections, whether we’re in Dallas, Rome or Dubai.

And now the vast karmic debt must be paid. And it is being paid, quite literally, with our coagulated blood and, most recently, the blood of our children. Lord Baphomet must be pleased by the installation of defibrillators in elementary schools and the release of new blood thinners for children.