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CommBank Whistleblower

From Reignite Democracy: This is HUGE! More and more Australian industries are enforcing extreme vaccine mandates as countries go back on their mandates.

Watch this video – an anonymous employee speaks out – included in the video, screenshots and Q and A video with CEO and HR.

Reignite Democracy Australia March 4, 2022

“I work for Bankwest (Commonwealth Bank) and they have placed a blanket vaccine policy on all staff. This includes staff who work 100% from home and do not even attend the office or branches. We are being bullied and harassed daily to get vaccinated. We have all requested a copy of the risk assessment that they completed with regards to the policy however they have refused to release it stating it contains confidential information. They have also stated it is on the interest of their shareholders…of who Vanguard and Blackrock who are also the main shareholders in Pfizer.

Any assistance would be so appreciated as there are a good few hundred staff, many who have been with the staff for 10 years plus stand to lose their jobs, including those who work from their own home without needing to go to the office. They are also using the excuse that there may be times we need to go to the office due to computer issues and this is their justification. Having worked from home for over 6 years I can say only once have I ever had to go in due to computer issues so these excuses are invalid and an over reach.

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